About Flag on Mars

Only one Flag on Mars per country

There is only 195 Flag on Mars, one for each country. And there will never be more than one. Only one person in the world can own each flag. But if you want one that already has an owner, you can always bid for it.

Each Flag on Mars is a unique piece of digital art and at the same time, it is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). That means you can buy itP, and sell it whenever you want to, at the price you want to.

All transactions are being held through our own OpenSea´s marketplace.

Each flag is a 512×512 image, stored as an ERC721 token (NFT) on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each Flag on Mars is crafted pixel by pixel following pixel art style, regarding the limitations of the technique.

All flags have a black border and a metallic grey pole. Some of the flags may have special traits…

FoM flag on Mars (Inception´s style)
GAN trained with sliced NASA images

Each Flag on Mars has a unique computer-generated background of the Mars landscape.

We trained an Artificial Intelligence algorithm with NASA images from Mars Curiosity Rover and Perseverance Mars Rover missions.

We took the original images and sliced them into 256×256 pixels images. With that dataset, we trained a deep learning algorithm (GAN) capable of generating artificial landscape images of Mars.

Read the step-by-step process at the upcoming blog post (soon!).

What´s next

More NFTs?

We are currently working on the new generations of Flags on Mars.
Stay tuned!

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